Tire Coating Kit

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Tire Coating Kit

Our Tire Coat is a VERY long lasting and durable tire shine. Many users have reported getting anywhere from 3-6 months out of a single application! You choose the amount of shine. 1 layer provides a nice matte finish. 2 layers provides semi-gloss. 3-layers provides high gloss.


  • Completely dry to the touch
  • Does not attract dust
  • No Sling
  • will not discolor like many other coatings
  • Choose your gloss level

Kit Contains

  • (1) 32oz Orange Crush Tire/Wheel Cleaner
  • (1) Tire Brush
  • (1)  Microfiber Applicator 
  • (1) 8oz Tire Coat 
Suggested products
  • Auto wash Soap
  • Bug Off
  • Clean Tire well with Orange Crush and Tire Brush  
  • Multiple rounds may be required 
  • Let tire completely dry
  • Apply in THIN layers with the Microfiber Applicator
  • Let product dry completely between layers.

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