Interior Cleaner


Interior cleaner

This product is a great interior cleaner that cleans, shines, and protects all in one step! This cleaner has strong cleaning capabilities, and leaves behind a natural OEM finish. 

     Suggested products
    • Wipe or blow away any loose dirt, grime, or debris.
    • Spray Interior Cleaner into brush, towel, or applicator and clean affected area. (If necessary for neglected surfaces spray product on affected area, allow product to dwell for 5-10 seconds and agitate as needed.)
    • Wipe away excess product with our 380GSM Towel ( Pro Tip: Use a air hose and brush to clean air vents, and cracks of the trim.)
    • Do Not Ingest
    • Wear Proper PPE 
    • Use in well ventilated area
    • Do not use on interior fabrics

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